Googly eyes.

I got new glasses, which hurt my eyes. I’ve had to be tested in 4000 ways for glaucoma, which frankly, i probably just have … but you know, they can’t be certain til they give me another 40,000 K in tests. its so crazy that we’ve ever allowed medicine to be set up this way.

its not that Americans are dumb, really…. but i think its a sign of naivete, our relative youth as a country, that we are allowing our ‘democratic’ ways to be overrun by people that we ‘salt of the earths’ think have some sort of winning knowledge about. like, we’ve bought into the system that the wealthy are somehow better at living than the rest of us…that they’ve done something more right…. and so we have been letting them make a whole lot of decisions for a whole long time.

person wearing eyeglasses
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and part of the truth of my aching eyes and the 4000 tests that i resent is that I am aging out of this blind trust.  I’m getting suspicious, and have been for more than a few years.  I suspect that the ‘leaders’ have made themselves a little paradise, and not made a single decision for their constituents, possibly ever.

and so this age, and this testing…

we’re all aging out of our blindtrust.  and its sad to see our youth go…

and then resolve sets in.

get your vigilant on.

Leave me your words! thoughts! sweat, blood, and tears not really needed but okay, if you want... :)

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