Valuable things.

So, valuable things to share.

*my kid got the lead in the school play! the lead. STAR. (he deserves it too, this is one of his callings. it will be his first time on stage. )  Mom has giant wide eyes of fear and trepidation and wild, wild curiosity.

call me ‘zac efron’s mother’ from now on, because i need to have more reasons to go to therapy.

*i turned the heat on in october. this means all of my New England ancestors will rise up and shoot me when I arrive at the Pearly Gates.  sigh. Happy Ending? again?

* I got an entire set of furniture this weekend, a sofa, a loveseat and a chair w ottoman.  they all match each other. they look brand spanking new. they aren’t.  …. they are neutral in color. i feel like an old, old woman.  NEUTRALS?!   Matching furniture? All i had to pay was the cost of moving them from one house to another. and tips, I paid tips to the movers.  1021181146

(i hired movers because i am not in college, and my kids are not yet bulky teens, and moving furniture by yourself means you break something, furniture or body, and i value both, turns out. )

*had lovely company this weekend. so i feel all grounded and present in my body. shoot man, if they could pill that up… i’d definitely be a pill popper.

( i think i wrote that whole sentence just to be able to write pill popper. its a true sentence, but pill popper is even fun to type, but saying it is something i do even when i’m by myself… i imagine i’d be fun to secretly video, i am for sure a weirdo.)

*i got another job, one that i am actually qualified to do! So now I can honestly say that I am a proofreader and editor.  Aside from being Zac Efron’s mother, I think this might be my biggest achievement this year. really.  and its stuck down here at the end, like drippings.  oh man, though, its big.  BIG.


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