Sidenotes critical.

Today i am in bed. literally, and not in any fun way.

sidenote: i’ve been wondering if i was pregnant. yes.  i haven’t had sex in a while. i have an iud. the man i have sex with has had a vasectomy.  i have still wondered. i had sore boobs, i have heartburn, which i only have when pregnant, and i’m fat.  the other thought was that i was having all these symptoms to get ready to rocket me into menopause.



totally kidneypain. its a UTI, but in me, it shows up as kidney pain and sweats and i skip right over anything involving pee. and so i’m lying down, after taking my antibiotic in the cvs driveway without even having signed my paper. the lady with the crossed eye was not pleased.

sidenote: i know why i got it.  i do. i’ve eaten at least three packages of full-on candy this week.  and i mean the tjmaxx pick-it-up-at-checkout variety of deliciousness. and then, swedish fish but the cheap version for 99 cents… my body is freaking overloaded. self-care, right? goddamn.

and now i am laid out.

sidenote: i did buy an office chair after being at urgent care this morning. its still in its box in the car, but its here. and probably i’ll survive to put it together.


SELF CARE, why are you such an elusive bitch?

and so damn vindictive!

Leave me your words! thoughts! sweat, blood, and tears not really needed but okay, if you want... :)

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