Type in Joy

You know, on these posts, you are supposed to label them, you know, like ‘dating’ or ‘writing’ and I suppose it helps search engines find you more easily…

and you make them up yourself.. so anything goes … when i wrote at wifemotherexpletive.com , it was slightly earlier in the technology wilderness and all my labels were utterly my own… Grammie, hands, wahwah, crap, repetitions, moneyhell… you see…

this time around I am much more savvy, and so they are stupid boring. (but searchable!!) but yesterday I was writing and added a photo that I just love of two of my kids and I in the bed… (its the only ac in the house, so we’ve been camping in my bedroom for the better part of two weeks… sigh…)

and ‘writing’, ‘dating’, ‘advice’ … nothing cut it…and i was trying to keep things simple and hoitytoity ‘refined’ and so … JOY…

I have a label of JOY.

and I realized that I have never ever searched for JOY.  and why not?



It is TIME.

Leave me your words! thoughts! sweat, blood, and tears not really needed but okay, if you want... :)

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