Ages past

oh god, its been a while.  0730181243b

it took me ages just to figure out how to log back in here.

i’m processing and integrating all the things i’ve been learning lately.

I’m working as a freelance writer, currently working on a Cybersecurity newsletter and creating facebook ads.  Its not much money, but still way more than preschool teacher.

I can’t work at the preschool again because a new owner bought it, and doesn’t have the enrollment.

i’m still dating, even possibly entertaining ‘feelings’ but nothing life changing. i’ve had enough of life-changing in the past few years, so i’m sort of blocked in that way.

I hope everybody is well and i’m planning out a post for the next few days, wherein i talk about…


Because I am, thats why. and i’m going to try and explain it so other women can try it on, because its pretty damn fun.

2 thoughts on “Ages past”

  1. So needed, that post on online dating! I got lucky and met the one three guys in but you are the only woman I know who has conquered it with so much fun! Can’t wait to share that article…

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