It is wildly spring. Everything is mating, everything is setting up shop.  I’ve got a new spirit dress for curve and flow. And the lush is sometimes in overload. and needs to be cut back.

and if you are a single mama and your lawn is larger than the house, and the lawnmower breaks, you are soon living in a meadow, which is nice, until the ticks start coming home.

and if you have no fucking clue how to address a machine in the driveway, you will call a friend who used to be a lover and who still wants to be a lover but should not be again a lover, and he will come and rip out the offender and tell you how to order a part. and you will. and then when it comes he will warn you not to replace the part because it is tricksy, and you will need his help. and so you wait .

and wait.

life is busy. so busy.  the sun comes out and you see another scarefair about lyme. so you go to the driveway and fix the goddamned lawnmower yourself.

and you run around for the rest of the weekend like Rocky at the top of the stairs. cue the music, and all…

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