WHELL HELL, January.

Little did I know.

I want to tell you all about how so many people offered to give, loan, help, pay for my hearing aide problems. Because it was incredible, and I still feel sort of stunned and amazed because I typically feel very very isolated here in my home and world. covid, yes, and more. but am amazed and touched and feel now much less isolated than I thought I was. Some of the people offering, I didn’t even know they read or knew anything about me at this point. I mean, stunned.

And I also want to say, to the majority of my readers, who are whities through and through: THE FUCKING ASSWIPES WHO ASSAULTED DEMOCRACY yesterday? THAT IS OUR PROBLEM.


the police who can’t seem to ‘not’ shoot black and brown people? THAT IS OUR PROBLEM.

the police fucking let them go in! Because shooting a whitey is somehow problematic? Fear of the black and brown is THAT deep? You have to shoot them? Beat them? You see no other way?

Now, in my life, a gang of angry white men is way more threatening to me than a gang of angry black men. because of my priviledge and the history of our country, i am much more at risk from the white guys, they are the rapists and the beaters of women like me.

yes they are.

so when i see a swarm of them entering the capital, i am literally immediately worried for pelosi and AOC. where are they? are they okay? because they are more in danger than some milktoast politician no one can name. some fools were photographed having stolen nancy pelosi’s mail. so, looks like they went there on purpose, right?

this whole thing is terrifying. as a pacifist, i was still shouting about why they weren’t stopped WAY before they got to the doors, and if they had been black, they would have been shot. I’m not advocating that they should have been shot, but lets stop shooting black folks because they are so ‘scary’, ok?

We should all be deeply ashamed.