well, thank god.

Its a definite, necessary step to begin.

and thats all it is, a necessary, late, beginning.

i’m not saying i’m not happy, I am. I feel viciously happy.

But I’m actually a pro-lifer, (prochoice too.)

so I wish George Floyd was alive and I wish Chauvin had not been kept on as a police officer once they knew he was so damaged.

Because Life, a good Life, should be the priority.

I am so glad. I am so glad for George’s family, that maybe now they can begin to move on, now that there is a finish to the national need for their great loss. Maybe they don’t have to see their love’s murder every day on tv.

But I know the risk is still there. While the Chauvin trial was going on, how many people were killed by police? And do I need to tell you their color? Do we even need to be told? Is there any less risk now? Is it better in the percentages?

Will there be more babies calling for their mothers? Will we all watch murders, live, as they are happening, and keep sitting down?

And I’m sorry, because I know I should be straight joyous, or relieved and I am. I AM! I can’t even believe they convicted him, I really can’t. He is now… convicted murderer, Chauvin. But it’s mixed in a glass with Breonna, Eric, Daunte. Video proof not necessary. Dozens and dozens of names every year, for hundreds of years.

Muddy waters.

If a good life is the priority, we need clean water. All of us need clean water. Baseline.

Add MakiyahBryant, 15. Yesterday, while we waited for the verdict. Yesterday.