you know.

ugh. a list, because its rainy and cold and i missed my writing group because my kid forgot a project he was super proud of in the middle of the kitchen table. if not able to drive, at all, i would have crawled through broken glass to be able to get it to him. (these are the insane things that make up my inner and outer life.) ((I am JOHN McCLANE.))

Here’s what you should know. (or, save yourself, and skip this post entirely)

  1. i’ve got four jobs. two outside, two inside, and i love that, though it can get busy. I actually love all of them. I hope you feel the same way about your work.
  2. Four jobs do not actually help you when you want to refinance your house. Anyone feel like being a silent partner? Well, maybe if like ten of you joined hands… we could play red rover but with finances. No?
  3. I’m refusing to turn the heat on (new englanders are famous for not doing so til november one. I think i’ll break if there is day in the forties) so am sitting by a fire each day, and honestly, there is nothing, NOTHING better.
  4. I did an illegal thing this weekend and I loved it. I was so happy. There is so much beauty.
  5. My dishwasher is still on fire, and I’m beginning to believe that I may need a new one, because I am simply not keeping up with the kardashians and the dishwashing. It’ll have to get bumped up the list, I think.
  6. Coffee is not really doing it for me anymore. I don’t know what to do with this loss. I really don’t. I think i’ll keep on with it anyhow, but man, once you know things have changed, its hard to keep it up. the sorrow is real.
  7. I bought three albums at a dumb vintage flea market this weekend: Diana Ross and the Supremes, The Pretenders, and Led Zeppelin. This makes for an exciting kitchen this week. (yes, actual albums)
  8. This week I’ve got a day off in the midst, full of watching my sister try on wedding dresses. It is very exciting and I am full up with love when it happens. Oh yes, I am.

So there. eight. not even an exciting number. Maybe i’ll re-read this and try to make it interesting? huh. Well. Nope. Guess not.

#9. I love you guys. Like crazy cakes. Keep reading. Tell me you read sometimes, would ya?



1 thought on “you know.”

  1. Love Diana Ross and the Supremes: Stop in the Name of Love and Baby, Baby, Where Did Our Love Go? Great.

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