Pent tent.

It rained. hallelujah, and then some. My farmers are smiling again and work is more pleasant. Plus, my flowers are in ecstatic frisson.

I’ve begun to talk about the weather as a bonified subject, by the way. I am going to do my best to add some more bonified subjects as I move along this year, because I am just fit to be tied, flummoxed, out and out dismayed that my conversational skills may be suffering.

Maybe a new subject will be my ability to slip into 1950s jargon when i’m writing here. Maybe a new topic will be the difference between democracy and capitalism, because people seem really confused. i believe in democracy but not really capitalism. and i feel okay about that, not riled up in the least.

Betcha bottom dollar that other people get their panties in a bunch.

I’m feeling pent up these days. Like, a temper right at the edge of things. The initial title of the post was ’motherfucker’, and I can’t even tell you why. I don’t know if its the heat or today’s full moon but I am flammable. I wrote the other day, of myself, as a floating house on fire, the wavelets licking my burning timbers as part of a dare. I don’t know what it means or where it is coming from, So be careful. Very.

I’m going to take another class in coaching this month, I’m hanging my shingle soon and want to try a new thing. Something good in the world. well, another thing. That’ll be a subject, I suppose.

I’m looking for a new subject or two. What do you suggest?

Special fo you.

1 thought on “Pent tent.”

  1. I love your image of a floating house on fire. Applies to so many things: our individual lives, our nation, our region. We’re all floating houses on fire to one extent or another. I am aware of the deep grief, bewilderment, disbelief, anger, outrage, and powerlessness that many people feel about all the unnecessary Covid losses, a government in which one party doesn’t even believe in democracy and its leader is a true Fascist who desires to rule as a dictator, that same party that doesn’t want to participate in passing legislation to deal with the huge problems facing our nation and the world, our Supreme Court that wants to take us back into the 1950s with women as second-class citizens and gays and transgendered people as closeted, unrecognized, and without the rights of everyone else, and our planet on fire, drying up or flooding, the delicate balance upset and possibly irredeemable. Yes, definitely, we’re all floating houses on fire. Thank you for that image that accurately captures our lives and the times we live in.

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