You read something, it lights you up. Sweet.

You realize there’s a vacancy where your pain used to be. Sweet.

Your kid has a big first. You watch a milestone unfold. Grace.

You say no without much guilt. Deliverance.

You just don’t pick up the phone to answer that person. You just don’t. Small choices, big relief.

You take care of the new application for health insurance coverage (so many things to copy and prove) and don’t even choke when they need all your ex’s information and you don’t know it and they say you can’t insure the kids on your own. You just know it will work out. Blooming faith.

You clean the cat room. You can’t believe people allow litter boxes in their lives, again. You just do it because you are the grown up in the house. This one is slowly sinking in, at 47.

Little ones, big ones.

Its where I’m at, friends.

love love,


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