Things i love about me.


ugh, i shudder at myself, but find it necessary on these days, when i’m actually struggling. and i’m not allowed to add any of the caveats which expose the flipsides. not today anyways.

  1. i have a smile that makes people smile. I love that. Contagious joy.
  2. i notice and am swept away by little things, little specks of beauty.
  3. i’m an optimist more often than not.
  4. my hair changes color when i go outside.
  5. i am funny and see humor in almost everything, and can draw on it even in struggle.
  6. i have a good brain, albeit devoid of memory.
  7. i can write something from nothing, and that is partly magic.

thats it, thats all i can do. but its an activity that is true. and these things are true, and i need to remember them more often, when i am stressed about getting kids back and forth to things while working and when the soccer schedule just wipes me right down to the ground.


love love.


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