new moon mishmosh

  1. New moon… means no moon, to us visual folks. Of course its there, just shadowed enough that we can’t see it. Crazy right? Why the ‘new’? You think it would be some ‘darkest hour’ feeling, or some ‘stay home and safe from the werewolves’ messaging. so poorly branded, she chuckles. If only the new moon had a better ad campaign.

And happiness rolls on like a gold hoop

Someone else is guiding,  (Mandelstam)

2. That is just a line from a poem by Mandelstam, written in 1920. The poem it is from is lovely and can be found in this… I wrote so much about it this morning, how happy I am that I get to run alongside, how little I need to have control of it, and how much joy it brings me to gallop with a flushed cheek.

3. The new moon is actually time to look around and see what’s what. How can you clear a path for yourself? what do you trash? what do you sort? Go plant your plants, give them a fresh go ahead, a return of the light at night to watch. Set out on your new thing. Call the dream girl.

4. Do it one better. Go sit outside in the darkness and remember gazing at the stars. Don’t capture it in any way besides those eyes of yours. They are more than enough. Remember when you ran for the sheer exhilaration and joy?

5. sigh. i love you guys.


silhouette of person holding glass mason jar
New moon, no moon. Get you some stars.. Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on

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