Off balance, entirely, february.

I’m stepping in to one of my new classes today, with a little bit of a meeting with the class leader.

It will be awkward, I will have to think on my feet and there will be no surface area questions.

Sometimes the best stuff happens when you are unsteady on your feet.

  • all three went to school this morning. I’m home, in a ‘regular’ fashion for the first time in 11 months. i’m off my rocker.
  • I have had the meeting now. There was so much silence. Its the trick of the questioner, making you do all the work, to connect one word to another and to arrive at an idea. i’m completely unsure.
  • I took an exam yesterday that was so poorly put together I wanted to scream. Because of its insanity, its easily possible that I failed. Motherfuckers.
  • i’ve fallen twice this week. once on an ice patch in the yard that I couldn’t see in the dark, and once in the breakfast nook as i tried to step over two boxes of chips. Chip crumbs, now. Thar she goes, unsteady on her feet and moving steadily to the horizon.
  • my kids’ point about my not wearing business casual clothes has stayed with me. I am not wearing rayon any time soon, but maybe I should find out if I have any real pants anymore. And maybe give away some of the sweats. Its unsettling to imagine wearing real pants, and that is probably a problem. Right?

Go forth. Be unsettled.

love you,


Leave me your words! thoughts! sweat, blood, and tears not really needed but okay, if you want... :)

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