TODAY, january 20

we get a new president here, today.

let me just say that i am pleased.

in that pair of sentences there is a lot of yelling and crying, some fear, a lot of awakening and a whole lot of depression.

the country is not the glowing shiny ball in the sky. we are deeply cracked. who knows what we will become when we fall apart?

maybe we’ll seek repair. possible.

doesn’t seem like too many people who are politically passionate really care for that. there is far too much judgement on both sides.

i was a democrat most of my life. i had no idea people thought democrats were evil. i mean, like, baby killers. i just thought it was the party of social programs, care for the poor, governement care for the struggling.

i’m probably still a democrat, i certainly haven’t made a move to change anything officially. but man, both sides are so broken. republican as it is written doesn’t exist anymore. or is the true silent majority. Remember ‘family values’? and how it was used to judge and condemn? well. i am a fan of supporting business, i am. though i’m more a fan of workers, to be true.

sigh. there is a lot here, in this country. the chips are falling.

today though, there is to be a new president. and it feels like a team of adults has entered the building.

we’ll see.

yes, i’m holding my breath.

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