Hello. I am a racist too.

Another unarmed black man was murdered by the police in America. I am not even sure that he was the only one that day, but this one, was filmed. Many people have actually watched a murder. A real, live, vital human being just suffocated in front of our eyes.

Its no good, saying, but I love black people. My brother is black, so I can’t be a racist. I love my black friends, so I can’t be a racist. I kiss my nephew’s face off every time I see him, so I am not a racist. I’m a good, smart person, so there is no way I can be a racist.

You know what a lie that is, right?

and how meaningless it is, if we’ve accepted a society that STILL has to be reminded that black lives actually matter?

the quiet complacency is literally killing black people in the street. and in their beds, their cars…

the fear and anger (from fear) that makes us white people say all these things:

i’m so ashamed to be white.(while doing nothing) but what about the good cops? i’m not like that though. its not all white people. but they must have DONE something to get police attention. why did they resist? they live like animals, no wonder they act like animals. the looting though, that just ruined the whole thing, made it about stealing, took away the whole dignity of protest. I wish they weren’t so ‘angry’. what about ALL lives matter? I’ve had a hard life, my whiteness hasn’t saved me from any hard things. they should just learn to be submissive to the police already.


white people, do more.

Book List for ‘you want to be anti-racist’ white people.


Leave me your words! thoughts! sweat, blood, and tears not really needed but okay, if you want... :)

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