TMI. (you were warned. . .)

so yesterday, #doonesmallthing is true, real and so valid. so. and then, i have a 7-year-old who was not able to hold water in her belly, i mean, like foaming bile was coming up. and thats all. it was terrible to watch, and she was crying for much of it. 24 hours.  before bed, i asked for a gatorade to be delivered by her father, as he was bringing the boys home from their weeknight together.

so there. we bend. we flake, like beautiful pastry. and i’m full-on happy to say the electrolytes, salt and sugar of the chemicals of that drink stayed in the longest of all the things.  while it did, technically, return to me, i think it helped set her up for a night’s sleep.

so there. we bend, we flake, and we dominate!

today, on her recovery day, there is a second child home.

i’m just saying.

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