dearth, of your interest, yes, and mine.

its raining. its the second week of school. i’m getting my feet beneath me. I have a kid home sick.  (fist shake)  I have still managed to do all things I needed to do first thing, which included work and reply and I even tried to track down that email that has slipped through the cracks to no avail.  John T? I’ve lost it, apologies!  I’m trying to find out how it could have happened, but no. its not happening. technology and I are seriously on the outs.

I’ve had my burst of sending the hard emails and now there is a dearth of energy, of willingness to engage in the action. its the rain, I know. because it puts a ‘damper’ on my ability to putter outside to complete list items, and I resent it. and I resent my own inability to ‘fight the good fight’ and ‘get out there and get the job done’… blagh. . . (in New England, its sort of like admitting you are the anti-Christ, to be lazy. it is sacrilegious…)

But here I am, I’ve done everything on my list that can be done in-house and its only 9:24.  I might as well jump.


-uwmfSurrender UnwifedMotherExpletive

Leave me your words! thoughts! sweat, blood, and tears not really needed but okay, if you want... :)

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