words are good.(online dating benefit #1)

Break me down into syllables,

spread me out and

reshape me.

devour the movements you use.

speak only in eye flicks

and sideways smiles.

when i’m whole again, tell me you see me.


so, a man named Shannon wrote that.  for me.  i’ve never met him. so, i’m just saying… there are these hidden benefits to online dating, that i’m only just discovering now, after more than a year here in the online desert…. poetry.  words.  the joy i feel at sculpting phrase… sharing it with someone else? woah ho.

the weird thing is that.. i might never meet this person.. so its not ‘a romance’ but it is a poetic flingathon, and i love it.  its been years and years since i’ve played with words so much. . .

this morning i described my kid getting up for school like this:

the first one rises, a bubble to the surface, this child.

I walk in hesitation, as the pop is teenaged angst and eyeroll…

but love undercurrents sweep us all to and fro…


— its just so lovely to be writing like this… and you know i already write a bit loopy like with my metaphors and all, but to be part of a call-and-answer? pretty cool.  i just want it noted that there is at least one benefit to the morass of online dating. the interplay/ possibility of texttype being used as poem. sigh.

–i also joined a gym today. so obviously mercury is getting into the fray of delight and demonic.

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