The EYE. Halloween. Happy Divorce.

I’m sitting by the fire. Its quiet. There aren’t any kids within 150 feet of me. I’m enjoying the hell out of the eye of this storm.

I got them all ready. I fed them. I visited the two neighbors that we are wanting to visit. Then their dad arrived. and they all left.  I got one family of trick or treaters. so far. but its 7:30 on a school night so its very possible that Halloween is over. for me.

They will return, and I will shower them, and calm their rattled sugar-infested brains. They will brush their teeth. Someone will yell and it will be me. Then the lights will be off.

Out of all the days, all the holidays, this tradition of my ex doing the Trick or Treating is my most favorite. ever. MOST.FAVORITE.

IT MIGHT LITERALLY BE THE BEST THING ABOUT BEING DIVORCED. Happy Divorce dance. right here. right now.

i confess to missing tons and tons of kids at the door. but. not right now, while I’m in the eye.

I whispered this whole post. Because I’m in it. THE EYE.


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