right between the eyes.

my head hurts. right there, between my eyes, but sort of off to the right… my teeth hurt, i feel the headache in front of my ears.
all this, you say, all this? yes.

i’m squinting at the screen. i think the font has changed. but i’m squinting, so who the hell knows? (the font had changed… i was typing in the html view). dang.

this blog now has tracking, analytics, an email optin for a newsletter that i hope i write sometime… i’m not entirely sure everything is connected to the right things. its a switchboard nightmare…

although, what am i going to say? a newsletter? anyone want that? really? you dig? i say it here, whatever i’ve got, i drop it here, like steaming….

i don’t really want to sell anything… i’m getting stretched out. pinched.

sand in the eyes.

i’m not in a dire situation. i’ve eaten too much sugar and i want to fight someone while i sleep. a satisfying kick-ass dream, where, yet again… i don’t get hit. .

i’ve picked the slate back up again, y’all, back on the online dating scene.

mostly for kicks, to be less bored with my time-stretching weekends…
and right now i’m chatting with a guy in california.

i’m no dummy. california is not going to happen. but i’m mostly convinced that he isn’t who he says he is… should be fluent in english but he says he’s from texas and he spelled Houston wrong…. i can’t wait to see what happens….
if he asks me to fly him here I’ll blog it live. i swear.

i didn’t really intend to pick up the slate. i posted a photo of myself on instagram and tagged it #singlemom and guess what? i got at least 5 messages on instagram. who knew that was a thing? men trolling single moms??

yeah, why would that be a problem?

meh. my eyebrows are hurting. the switchboard tentacles have won for the day…


marketing office working business
Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com

save me popeye….

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