and no, this essay won’t really be about SEO optimization. but i do officially know what that is now.

I’ve got these long stretches of day wherein I must fill the stretches with great value.  what makes great value? hmm?

what is that feeling?

when i was a stay-at-home mom and there were kids here, i mostly never worried about value, i just hoped we’d all make it out alive at the end of the day. and so far, so good on that one.

kids toys color
Kids don’t give a shit about SEO optimization. right?

The wood grain on that floor is beautiful, isn’t it?

but now. i have blocks of learning, where i go study another way to sell writing, to make it ‘work’ for you, the consumer, to ‘monetize’… and frankly, its leaving me sort of depressed.  everything is a commodity.  REALLY?  am i totally a narcissistic twitch because i think things are beautiful or captivating and don’t actually feel the need to spend money?

or to try to capture your dollars?


  • there is a giant spider here in my office and because i feel trapped in this capitalistic web, i am naming him… i choose ‘him’ because I would WAY rather know that he won’t be having babies anytime soon.  George, i think. seems like a harmless old man name… except for the Bush’s. who were not harmless but now seem downright angelic next to the current douchebag. Remember when being sort of dumb meant you couldn’t run for president? Hello, Quayle, I’m looking at you…


  • Literally, this paragraph makes me want to scream.  i am paralyzed by spiders in general, but i am the only adult in this house, and i choose not to be forced away from work for a goddamned spider.  but its a lot. its a lot.  I mean, really, how can i go on here? He’s pretty big.  Oh my god.

I’m not sure how to make a post which meanders from capitalism to douchebags, to spiders at all relevant to google’s search engine (SEO OPTIMIZATION, goddamnit) …

we will probably starve to death.  how’s that for optimized?

sigh. again.  i don’t think thats a very low-competition keyword.  let me go look it up. i know how to now.

because it really matters.

George will tell you.

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