When you are angry

The thing about divorce is that it just doesn’t end when you sign the papers.  The negotiations, the times you are polite while seething? they just go on and fucking on.

You are disinvited from birthday parties.  the children that you, your very self, have birthed.

You are asked to drop off rather than come in to see the kids’ new rooms, that they are so excited to share with you.  You are not welcome.

I am not particularly petty, and I have tried to continue on in my  way of graciousness, in the face of thoughtlessness and what seems to me to be petty, but he assuredly sees as ‘fostering his own independence’…



i have to simmer and let things settle and damn, if i’m not an incredibly impatient person.

so here i am, in this blog i am still hiding from him.  so he won’t be disappointed, so he won’t get confrontational…so he won’t say i’m jeopardizing his career.  I totally had to look up how to spell jeopardizing, you guys. jesus, english is tough.

go ahead and comment. i need the accountability to keep writing. i really do, its a real and solid help.


*divorce really sucks. never let it be said otherwise. we all play our parts. we all get angry.  simmer down. simmer down.



6 thoughts on “When you are angry”

  1. I wish so many would see this – this has to be such a shared experience. Strength in numbers, solidarity juicing your solar panels.

  2. Oh the safety and respect you are desiring and so not getting…So glad you posted and that you are owning your angry – such a valid emotion with this! And the pain and hurt and grief and sadness underneath, too. Love you <3

  3. I am catching up so a tardy comment here but Jesus H. Christ, I would hit the f’ing wall with that nonsense. If the kids are inviting you in, it ISN’T about his “independence” (which he never really seemed to be lacking) it’s about saying yes to the kids’ very innocuous request! Ugh!! You are a strong woman.

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