Ghost (online dating, again.)

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ah… more online dating stuff. hope you’re still here…

There’s this new-ish thing. Well, I presume its as old as humanity but is just more prevalent now in the un-connected-connected way of the internets. Ghosting. 

SO, I met this nice man on the online dating site that is for actual dating, and not uh, ‘meeting’ up in a disrobing fashion.

nice guy, we texted, we (I) flirted… we made a date, we had the date. it was nice, it was easy and comfortable for me, i wasn’t smitten but we had just a little goodbye kiss and made a plan for another date.  cool.

two days later he stopped returning my texts. nothing ever happened but i never heard from him again and thats the end of that.


I know his name, I know about his family, but he has disappeared from the world.

Yes, because I am a mom, it occurs to me that he is in a ditch somewhere mouldering. But I am pretty sure not.  This isn’t the first time I’ve been ghosted. So I’m old hand at it, and just presume that something happened and they realized they couldn’t move on with the attempt at dating.

what i can’t understand is the ‘not saying a word’ aspect of it. just, gone. and its not like i didn’t ask! I sent a text twice a day, then once a day, then said goodbye.  No Response.

and truly, he wasn’t a stranger anymore, and I’d say hi to him on the street if we bumped.

and that, my newb friends, is Ghosting

now you know…



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