I don’t believe in making a list. (online dating exposed: #2)

See what I did there? See it?

Online dating is a whole new world. Right? No word of mouth, no family friend, no connection whatsoever. Its completely unnatural and inorganic.

You garner impressions from photos and type. I mean, in this age of social media, you know how deceptive that can be? even when unintentional, its a setup, we, all, only put our best feet out there…

I’ve tried, since the beginning, to put my cute but doofy pictures out there… and quickly send moronic pictures to my prospective dates, because i want their expectations to be closer to accurate.

I think my biggest fear is walking in to meet someone and having a look of disappointment flash across their face.  I’m not sure I could recover from it, to enjoy our meeting…

So I am goofy. So I am authentic. I send them all the most ‘distressing’ facts.  I have a belly. I have hairy legs. I am a total left-winger. I have one deaf ear and one ear that really sucks.  I want them to know what they are getting, visually and personality-wise, and I’m a mixed bag. I have issues. and I am awesome, but I’m not for everyone…

which brings me to this: I am not for everyone.

Not everyone is for me. But everyone can apply.

I have made lists of what I think I ‘need’ in a partner, when I was starting out after the separation, and I’ve realized how limited such a thing can be.

There is a whole world I don’t know about… and my imagination can barely stretch to include the unknown, right?

what if my favorite person-to-be is madly in love with woodworking? or rides a freaking harley?  or likes guns? (agh.) how am i to know that this passion is necessary to me?

ugh. so i don’t make lists anymore. who cares if they like tacos? (well, i mean, why would any SANE person NOT like tacos?!)

I mean, I do have some boundaries. but I try to be very accepting. very. and it is work, make no mistake. standing in judgement on strangers is the new american way. it is hard to fight the ease of it…. but i am woke, so i do.

I don’t judge. I don’t get involved with people who are in relationships because that is not what I want for myself. But I don’t judge. Its their story.

the world is incredibly multifaceted, and if you think there is a box, then i’m sorry… 

keep in mind: if there is no box, that means there is no box FOR YOU, either…

that’s a damn sizzler.



Leave me your words! thoughts! sweat, blood, and tears not really needed but okay, if you want... :)

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