Sure, fine.

Somehow it occurred to me yesterday that people probably think i’m fine because i’m dating again.  that, somehow, the dissolution of a decade-long committment to love and family has been made up in the 8 months i’ve been venturing out into frenchkissland.  (it is definitely fun there. i mean, my god… )  but i’ve been realizing more and more how {unprepared? unwilling? hesitant? reluctant? } all of those… i’m so much of them.  so i can tell you all about the amazing sex i’ve had, the bewildering conversations, the birth control issues, all about those things, and it is funny and0212181941.jpg sweet, almost all of it. . . but some days there really feels like a ittybitty boat is sitting atop some murky and important reservoir of ‘don’t look here’…

2 thoughts on “Sure, fine.”

  1. I want to hear all about this mythical thing called “Amazing Sex.” ☺️ I’m pretty sure there is no one more deserving than you.

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