The Journey Begins, Pete and Repeat in a Boat.

You know, I used to write a blog. I did, for ages.


I started it, years ago, to keep track of how often my partner at the time was drinking. yes, i really did.  I thought if i could see how often it really was, then I would be less likely to believe him when he said it wasn’t really that often, and that I was becoming obsessed.  It didn’t really work, after all.

Well, thats a brilliant reason to write. brilliant.  So i cut that out, and eventually, him too.  But, had three kids along the way, and that ain’t nobody’s funny business. But, of course, its full of hysteria and comedy and drama and all the stuff that you already know. . . plus, profanity.

which is pretty much what my writing was. and I liked it, a lot. and I liked my people.

But I’m on a mission to be wary of repetition now.  And to trust my intuition, because that is a big one.  Since I’m not focused as much on alcohol these days, and have all this space to myself… intuition is a powerful rider on my body.  And I want to keep it flying.

There is a lot here, and I’ve got more. and I wish you well, so well, and that’s part of my new story too.






Leave me your words! thoughts! sweat, blood, and tears not really needed but okay, if you want... :)

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