I’m here, I’m here. Drinking coffee substitutes, if that gives you any idea of how its going.

This is the first week in a year that all three kids have been in school for the whole week. (although its thursday and maybe i shouldn’t press my luck.)

Last week was school vacation as I think I told you and I barely got any work done, so this week I’ve been playing a lot of catch up, on everything, laundry, cleaning, food, all of it. I’ve been alone for most of the days and I’ve not been leaving to run errands at all, hardly. Its given me time to notice my loops. Which sucks, believe me.

There are three kid items on the schedule tonight and no time in between to come home, and so dinner is on the road, through a window. Its raining though, so I’m hopeful (don’t tell the kids) that something will be cancelled. Please. Anything. Any one of them. Just a little more rain. (don’t tell the effervescent children who love to run and leap outside. Their mother is a turd.)

I’m trying to figure out how to get my energy to level out a little. I tend to be completely out of energy before noon, and its a struggle to get to two, three when I’m on driving duty for kids. Then I’m good, but down again before dinner. Its loopy. My caffeine intake has gone up and up and I’m just burning my teeth out of my mouth at this point.

So I’m working it, I’m down to one cup of caffeinated coffee in the morning, and I’m working to find a hot drink alternative for my afternoons, preferably something beneficial to me. I’ve gotten two recommendations that I am trying currently, though only one that is in house so far. Teeccino is a tea-bag like drink with herbs but tastes a lot like motel room coffee. So, okay. I tried the dark roast first, because i’m a dark roast girl. Its made of dandelion and chickory and I really don’t mind it. My health food store had it for $6.99 for ten bags, so not prohibitive.

The other is Dandy Blend, which I haven’t tried yet. I’ll let you know when I know. Its arriving by mail, because I’m so shishi.

Its a debate for me. How much do I want the taste of coffee? Can my body do anything else at five in the morning besides brew coffee? I’m not sure, and I’m a little afraid to get in her way at that hour.

Don’t talk to me at five in the morning, I’m just saying. I just don’t recommend it.

Okay. This felt like a ‘have to’ today, because I’m a little out of whack. I’m humming sweet caroline, which is annoying me.


-love love

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  1. Re energy, sounds like your blood sugar level fluctuates as it does for most people. So around noon you probably need to eat something nutritious, have a little quiet time, and then you’ll have your energy restored. Other than kids, what’s outside yourself, larger than yourself that you have to focus on? You’ve got a lot of alone time, time when you’re solely responsible for the whole shebang. Could wear on a person.

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